Father of man slain in Aurora Theater shooting to help Sandy Hook victims

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As president Obama arrived to meet with grieving families in Newtown, Connecticut Sunday– it brings new sadness to Scott Larimer at his home in Crystal Lake.

“The pain is universal.  I wish I could go there to give them a hug. But we can’t so we have to do it from afar,” Scott said.

His son, John, was one of 12 people killed in the Aurora, Colorado Theater shooting in July, and in many ways, knows the pain. The grief being felt 800 miles away.

“Our hearts go out to these folks. It’s only been 5 months and this has just ripped open an open wound. It’s just horrible,” he said.

In August, the families of the theater shooting victims banded together– they said that Giving First, the Denver-based charity collecting donations in their loved ones names, was not following through with payments to victims and their families.

The American people donate this money from their hearts– it should go to the victims it shouldn’t go to some blood bank,” Scott said.

This weekend, the Colorado shooting families went online with their own website.

“We’ve had to accelerate our timeline because we weren’t expecting it to need it so quickly but I’m confident that we will make it happen.”

They said victimsfirst.org will make sure what happened with them does not happen again.

“One of the things that our organization is going to do is make sure that we have a guaranteed funnel so that these victims, not any other organization- but the victims, get money, get help.”

The first link posted, is for the victims at Sandy Hook– a small start, Scott says, to helping the victims of tragedy not be victimized again.

For more information and to donate visit http://victimsfirst.org/


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