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CHICAGO — A young man was shot and killed in the Wrightwood neighborhood just after midnight Sunday. Family members identified him as the son of a Chicago police officer and a future journalist.

Family, friends and Chicago fellow police officers scrubbed the blood from the sidewalk in front of the family home where 19-year-old Arshell Dennis III, also known as Trey, was killed.

It was just after midnight in the 2900 block of West 82nd Street where Edwards and some friends had just come back from a block party and where sitting on the front porch, when a gunman came from down the street and started shooting.

Dennis, a journalism major at St. John’s University in New York and 2010 graduate of Urban Prep Academy, was hit in the chest and was pronounced dead at the hospital.  A 20-year-old man was shot in the arm and side of the chest.  He was last listed in serious condition. Dennis had just come home on Thursday to surprise his mother for her birthday. He was scheduled to leave this afternoon to go back.

And to make matters worse, his mother heard the shots but she couldn’t do anything to save him because she is recovering from a debilitating illness.

Police say they have no one in custody and no description of the gunman to release.  A police officer is now stationed in front of the family’s home keep watch on the house.