Senators outline priorities for US Attorney nominee

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Senator Dick Durbin and Senator Mark Kirk held a bi-partisan conversation U.S. Attorney nominee Zach Fardon today in which they made clear their priorities: Violence and public corruption.

The three men met at the Union League Club this morning, even before the senate judiciary committee votes on Fardon’s presidential appointment.

Both senators from Illinois hope that departed U.S  Attorney Pat Fitzgerald’s  track record coupled with the problems of today will give Fardon a clear path in which to follow when it comes to prioritizing cases at the Dirksen Federal Building.

With homicide rates filling headlines on a regular basis, even getting national attention, Durbin and Kirk say they want a tough guy to destroy gangs like Elliott Ness destroyed Capone. Enforcing  gun laws and tweaking to some statutes to make federal prosecution easier and penalties stiffer is one approach. Fardon’s outsider appeal, with an “a-political” bent makes him the right guy to continue the tradition of taking down political powerhouses who break the law for their own gain, the senators suggest.

The senate judiciary committee will discuss Fardon’s nomination in two phases before a vote is taken. No timeline for that has been set.


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