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CHICAGO — On what would have been Rosa Chacon‘s 22nd birthday, her family honored her memory as they continue to search for answers.

“We come together remembering the beautiful life of Rosa and we come together remembering all the good things and all her good traits,” Brother Victor with Victory Outreach said.

Family and friends gathered near Rosa’s home in the 2800 block of South St. Louis Avenue to honor and remember her.

Her home was the last place she was seen, which security cameras captured before getting into an Uber on Jan. 18.

Her body was found on Wednesday a couple of blocks from her home in an alley and in a laundry cart.

“It was two months we hadn’t heard from our daughter,” Rosa’s father, Jose Chacon, said. “Even though she’s an adult, they could be a 30-40 years old, but they still have to investigate and do something.”

The family claims Chicago police did little to help, hired private investigator Jose Richart on March 6.

“Right now I am working closely with the homicide unit,” Richart said. “I have had communication with them. I don’t know how far they are going along with this, but my agency continues to work diligently on this.”

Richart is from Little Village and has 17 years of experience.

He said tips led his team to the area of 24th Place.

“I do think our presence there could have contributed either putting pressure on these people if the body wasn’t out there the time we were there,” he said. “Or we were able to flush her out from wherever she was at.”

Richart said he helped identify Rosa’s body, which was at the medical examiner’s office as a Jane Doe and later identified through her tattoos.

“Right now the focus of my investigation is to determine who was involved with this and bring them accountable, hold them accountable for what they did,” Richart said.

Richart said his team can’t confirm or deny if there is anyone of interest at this time.

Chicago police said the investigation is ongoing.

A GoFundMe has being created by family members to help pay for her funeral arrangements.