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WAUKEGAN, Ill. — Family of a teen boy are demanding an apology from Waukegan police and the high school after he was wrongly arrested.

Martell Williams, 15, was playing a high school basketball game in Lincolnshire on the night of a Dollar Store shooting and shoplifting incident in Waukegan.

The situation began last Wednesday when Waukegan basketball player Martell Williams was abruptly pulled from class.

“Once I reached the office there were two officers there. As soon as I got in, they didn’t tell me nothing,” Williams said. “They just said, ‘you’re under arrest.'”

Once in custody, Williams’ attorney alleges detecitves immediately began working to get a confession.

“Try to bribe him with McDonald’s saying, ‘look. Just tell us you were there,” his attorney said. “They don’t even tell him about a shooting. ‘Just tell us you were there and we’ll have you home in ten minutes.'”

The terrified 15-year-old was charged with attempted murder and aggravated battery. He spent two nights in the Lake County Juvenile Detention Center before the case fell apart. Williams’ family proved that he was playing basketball for Waukegan at the exact time of the shooting.

Williams was released from custody and had his charges dropped.

“We are very concerned about the arrest of Martell Williams. Our office dropped the new charges as soon as the new information was presented to us by the Waukegan Police Department,” Lake County State’s Attorney Eric Rinehart said.

On Monday, Williams family held a press conference in front of the Waukegan Police Department and say they need to hear from authorities and the high school.

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“They need to apologize and say he didn’t do this,” family said.