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The family of Thomas Eric Duncan, the first person to die of Ebola on U.S. soil, joined the Rev. Jesse Jackson at his Rainbow Push headquarters to call foul on the treatment Mr. Duncan received.

They say the treatment Duncan received was at best ‘incompetent’ and at worst ‘racially motivated.’

Duncan passed away last week, but his mom and nephew spoke out at Rainbow Push’s weekly gathering today.

The family is asking why Duncan wasn’t moved to Emory University Hospital, where Dr. Kent Brantly and Dr. Nancy Writebol received life saving treatment for Ebola.

Duncan’s nephew now wants all of his uncle’s medical records, where he will have them reviewed by independent doctors and contagious disease experts.

However, doctors at Texas Presbyterian Hospital, where Duncan was treated, say their staff was ‘well-equipped’ to handle his case.

The whole ordeal has left Duncan’s mother heartbroken.

Family members say they are considering some form of legal action against the hospital where Duncan received treatment.