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PARK FOREST, Ill. — The family of a suburban woman shot during an incident on I-57 are frustrated and want charges filed in the case.

Aaliyah Ivory, 24, of Park Forest, was on her way to Chicago to hang out with friends just before 2 p.m. on Saturday. Family said she was trying to merge onto I-57 northbound from Lincoln Highway near Matteson.

“He wouldn’t let her over so he tried to push her off the side of the road,” family said. “She cut him back off, he pulled up on the side of her, called her a racist name. She called him a name back — he got behind her, next thing you know bullets started to shoot.”

Ivory was able to pull over on I-57, near Vollmer Road, and witnesses ran to help her. She was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

Cell phone footage shared with WGN News showed Illinois State Police walking to alleged shooter in handcuffs and placing him in a squad car.

Family said a detective told them the man expressed that he feared for his life and was released without charges. Ivory’s sister, Kimberly, said she did have a concealed carry permit, but doesn’t believe she ever touched her weapon.

“Her weapon was not drawn, was not shot either,” Kimberly Ivory said. “It was in a holster on safety.”

As the Ivory family awaits word on the investigation, doctors have told them she will be on a long road to recovery. Ivory has a bullet lodged in her spine and has major damage to other parts of her body.

“One surgery she has to have is in her hand because she threw her hand up to block the bullet,” her sister said. “It shattered like 30 bones in her hand.”

Illinois State Police did not confirm if the man was released without charges and told WGN News the investigation is still ongoing.

“They said he feared for his life,” Ivory said. “But my daughter was shot in the back.”