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CHICAGO — A town hall meeting was held in Bronzeville Tuesday night with the focus on police accountability and accountability for all.

Hours earlier, the family of Philip Coleman talked on camera about the video released by the city on Monday.  The  video is from Coleman’s arrest three years ago when his family called police to help take the 38-year-old U of C grad to the hospital during a psychotic break.  He wound up arrested, in jail, tased more than a dozen times and choked unconscious.  The video shows officers dragging Coleman from the cell.  He was brought to Roseland Hospital where he was given a cocktail of sedatives which led to his death.

An autopsy report shows dozens of injuries and the cause of death was allergic reaction to the sedative.

A civil lawsuit is now filed alleging trauma while in police custody was the main factor of death.

Philip Coleman’s father, himself a former police chief in the south suburbs, wants reforms within the CPD.

“If you’re waiting on Chicago police to tell you the truth in a report you can forget that . They’re not going to do it,” he said.  “They’re covering up on each other.  One thing they didn’t count on is this family knows about law enforcement and how they’re supposed to act and not act.”

Tonight, the new head of the Independent Police Review Authority called on the city’s inspector general to look into the Coleman case.

But Coleman’s family and friends today, question why now, after three years, was part of this video made public without warning to family that it would happen.