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CHICAGO — The mother of a man shot multiple times by a Chicago police officer is speaking out publicly for the first time since the Near West Side incident.

Raymond Comer, 37, is still fighting for his life at Stroger Hospital after he was shot last week. According to his family he’s now paralyzed after they say he was shot 10 times by an officer.

His family is now calling for justice and the chance to see their loved one.

“I want to see footage, that’s all,” Barbara Francher, Comer’s mother, said. “I want justice and I want to see the footage.”

Around 3:15 p.m. on August 12, police responded to the 2100 block of West Adams Street on the report of a shooting.

Police said officers conducted an investigatory stop on a vehicle when they noticed a person inside armed with a handgun.

Comer was shot by an officer and was transported to the hospital. Police said a firearm was recovered at the scene.

Francher, and more than a dozen loved ones, gathered outside of Stroger Hospital Sunday night demanding justice for her son.

Francher said her son, a father of four, didn’t have a gun and said the car was not his.

“He got shot 10 times for nothing,” Francher said. “And in his hand, you can tell he had his hands up because they shot him in his hand.”

Francher says she’s only been able to get a glance of her son and speak to him on the phone.

“It’s hurtful to talk to your son and he can’t talk back to you,” she said.

Comer’s family, who describes him as a loving and kind person, have endless questions for police who at one point on Sunday, according to Comer’s family, kicked them off the hospital’s property.

“How long did it take them to fire?” Veronica Bennett, Comer’s sister, said. “What did they ask him? Did they say anything to him? Or did they just come up to the car and start shooting?”

The family is also questioning why his mother isn’t allowed to see her son regularly.

“My cousin needs to be able to go in that hospital and see her child,” Tamara Chapman, Comer’s cousin, said.

Police have charged Comer with four felony counts, including-aggravated assault of a Chicago police officer and unlawful use of a weapon.