Family of detainee who died from virus sues Cook County

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CHICAGO — The Cook County Jail now has more than 450 confirmed cases of COVID19.

Jeffrey Pendleton was the first detainee to die as a result of catching the virus in the jail.

Pendleton was hospitalized March 30 and eventually died six days later.

His family has filed a lawsuit Friday.

His brothers, Warren Pendleton and Donnell Todd, said Jeffrey had issues with his health and run-ins with the law, but they said he shouldn’t have had to die shackled to the bed.

“They should have let them out,” Warren Pendleton said. “Why do they let them be subjected to this?”

Warren Pendleton and Donnell Todd said their brother had issues with his health and had run-ins with the law.

“Once he got out of the Marines and had been shot, then his life, you know, it changed,” Donnell Todd. “He ended up being shot in the back, so he was missing a kidney, his spleen, his lung collapsed. So he struggled a lot with that with getting high.”

Jeffrey Pendleton had been in jail since 2018 on drug and weapons charges awaiting trial.

While in jail, he caught COVID-19 and died at Stroger Hospital.

It’s because of his treatment in the hospital that the brothers filed a lawsuit against the county and Sheriff Tom Dart.

Patrick Morrissey is the family’s attorney.

“I don’t think Jeffrey Pendleton had to spend his last six days shackled by hand and foot to a hospital bed,” he said. “It’s excessive.”

The brothers said no one should be treated the way their brother was.

“Losing a loved one, being shackled to a bed when you’re sick, nobody should be subjected to that,” Warren Pendleton said. “That’s too much.”

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