Family of Chicago woman fatally shot while protecting baby suing city

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CHICAGO — The family of the woman who was shot and killed while protecting her baby is suing the City of Chicago.

Police are investigating the leak of surveillance video that shows 24-year-old Brittney Hill fatally shot as she shielded her child from gunfire.

In the video, Hill is seen holding her 1-year-old daughter when someone in a passing car opened fire. She was shot in the upper torso, according to police, but she was able to protect her baby.

“We’re going to do whatever we can to make things as right as possible, to the extent that that’s even a possibility in the first place,” Hill family attorney Anish Parikh said.

Hill’s father were among those who spoke out Thursday. He said he forgives his daughter’s killer.

“I don’t want to be here, like any other parent that has stood here who didn’t want to be here,” said James Hill. “She made me proud. She made me proud, because she gave her life, in the same way I would have gave my life. That was my baby.”

Hill’s family announced Thursday they are suing the city for leaking that video on social media and websites.

Community activist Ja’Mal Green, who was Hill’s childhood friend,  said there was no reason for video to be released.

The family said Hill’s 7-year-old son saw the video. Green said the family saw the video while they were at church.

The police department said the video’s release was not authorized. The person who leaked the video could be criminally charged.

Michael Washington and Eric Adams were both denied bail after they were arrested for the murder.

Washington was on parole for drug convictions. Adams was on probation for a gun offense.


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