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CHICAGO — Alberto Bocanegra’s family is doing everything they can to find out who shot and killed the 39-year-old community activist after he confronted a driver who hit a bicyclist last month.

Family members increased the reward for information leading to an arrest to $10,000 on Sunday.

“My brother’s always fought the good fight and he even died for it,” Segio Bocanegra said Sunday. “He was always looking out for the neighbors, he was always looking out for whoever he could help, and he always stood up for injustice.”

Bocanegra was doing just that on September 25 as he was recording a group bike riders in the greater Grand Crossing neighborhood. When a vehicle struck a 30-year-old female rider and took off, he followed in a car and confronted the driver. While they argued, another vehicle pulled up and someone inside fired shots, striking Bocanegra twice in the neck.

“Alberto was a good person he was an activist he was out there in the community always helping people. He had a great heart, a big heart,” said community activist Raul Montes Jr.

Bocanegra was known as a community activist and once ran for 12th ward alderman. His death came as he was turning the corner in a long battle with cancer, his family says. He was in remission for two months before he was gunned down.

His family says they are frustrated the investigation has not led to any arrests, and ask anyone with information to contact police.