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CHICAGO — Now that Chicago is in the deep freeze, it’s a terrible time to be without heat. One family is dealing with no heat as well as a mold problem.

Rosie Liggins started renting a three bedroom unit on the South Side for $900 a month in October.

Immediately came problems.

Rain brought leaky ceilings and windows which has led to an abundance of mold and mildew which she’s cleaned and  painted over only for it to return.  Then came the cold weather and she soon learned her heat sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t. Rosie lives her with her five children from ages 2 to 19.

She’s now refusing to pay rent until the problems are fixed.

For the last several weeks the family has been staying at her sister’s place.

She’s called to complain but to no avail.  She got a call from the management company Pangea which is threatening to evict her.

WGN’s calls into Pangea were not returned.

Rosie says she’s going to call first thing tomorrow ask her alderman to help resolve this.

Another neighbor didn’t want to go on-camera but told us she too is having the same problems.