Families of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd attend ‘Get Out The Vote’ rally in Grant Park


CHICAGO – The families of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Jacob Blake and Marcellis Stinnette rallied in Grant Park Monday to get out the vote.

The families are asking everyone who’s been using their voices to protest and march this year – to follow through by using their voices at the polls.

Over the course of a few hours Monday, Jacob Blake, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd’s families joined the family of Marcellis Stinnette, who was recently shot and killed by Waukegan police, to speak.

Their stories drove national movements for social justice this year.

Now their families are united by the drive to push that momentum – to election day.

“We’ve been protesting, we’ve been crying, we’ve been arguing, we’ve been in the courts,” said Tamika Palmer, Breonna Taylor’s mother. “But unless we vote, we will not get the change that we need, we will not be able to change the policies, the laws all of the things that are not working for us Black and Brown people, so we definitely have to get out there and vote.”

They made a point to say the presidential election is important, but said that local races matter just as much.


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