Facebook’s News Feed redesign means bigger photos and videos, more feed options

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On tonight’s WGN and CLTV News, we’re breaking down the latest redesign to Facebook’s News Feed. A brief run through of everything you’ll be seeing on your Facebook account soon….

– A cleaner user interface with more white space. It will look similar across web, mobile and tablet.

– Larger photos and videos. The photo galleries have also undergone a makeover. When multiple friends comment on a photo or video, you can hover over their face to see what they’re saying.

– More feed options. You’ll be able to choose between different News Feed categories – All Friends, Following (think Pages and Businesses), Photos, and more.

I definitely wasn’t alone today when thinking this redesign feels very Google+ish. As somebody who is posting a lot of photo and video content, it looks like it could be a major improvement. The feed options also seem practical from a consumer standpoint, but as Tech Crunch points out, it could be a problem for businesses. What if a lot of people choose to stay with the “All Friends” feed? That will mean less interaction with fan and business pages, right? We’ll have to watch that when it comes out.

Speaking of when it’s rolling out, Facebook says the News Feed will start appearing for users today – but it will be a small group. Over the coming weeks, more and more people will start seeing the changes. You can ask to be put on a waiting list HERE.

Our WGN News at Five discussion will be posted above after the show.

So….what do you think about the new Facebook News Feed?


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