CHICAGO — The extreme heat is expected to hit later this morning and temperatures can reach up to 115 degrees today.

The National Weather Service has already issued an Excessive Heat Warning for the next two days. It is said to stay away from alcohol, caffeine and sodas.

Limit time outside and if air conditioning is not accessible, keep shades drawn, blinds closed with windows slightly open.

Also be aware of signs of heat related illnesses like extreme sweating, intense thirst, nausea, fatigue, dizziness or confusion. The OEMC says those are signs of heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

“Try to stay away from being outside. Keep yourself very hydrated,” Cook County Health Emergency Physician Mike Schindlbeck said.

List: Cooling centers in Chicago | WGN-TV (

There are also opportunities to stay cool at Chicago Public Libraries as well as citywide park district facilities while they are open.

Cooling centers are also open. Chicago’s centers are open with extended hours until Wednesday night. There are also satellite senior centers and regional service centers open.

The salvation army is also opening several locations to help people beat the head.

For a list of cooling centers in Chicago, visit: City of Chicago :: Cooling Areas