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EVANSTON, Ill., – Evanston Police Chief Demitrous Cook announced Monday his retirement from the department after more than 30 years in law enforcement and more than two years in the role.

Cook was appointed the Evanston’s top cop in January 2019.

“It has been an honor to serve this community for more than 30 years,” Chief Cook said. “Public safety requires building a strong partnership and positive relationships between the community and the police officers who serve them each and every day. I would like to thank the entire Evanston community, City Manager Erika Storlie and the Evanston City Council for their support as we have worked to improve quality of life, solve problems, and make our city safer for all who live, work and visit here.”

As police chief, Cook oversaw “upgrades to the department’s radio communication system, improving reliability and enhancing interoperability with surrounding police departments, including in response to critical incidents,” according to the City of Evanston.

Cook began his career in law enforcement in 1981 as a supervisor within Northwestern University’s police department. Three years later, in 1984, Cook would join Evanston’s police department as a patrol officer. He would be named deputy chief of police in 2004, hired as chief of police for Glenwood Police Department in 2010 and return to Evanston as police chief in 2019.