Evanston man arrested for dealing heroin

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CHICAGO — A nearly two-year investigation into an alleged heroin dealer on the North Shore has resulted in the arrest of a 39-year-old Evanston man – and there could be more arrests coming.

Robert Crayton was arrested Friday morning just a block away from an elementary school, and is now facing multiple felony charges for allegedly dealing heroin. The deadly drug remains at the center of a nation-wide epidemic responsible for more deaths each year than gun homicides.

The Evanston man has a history of dealing drugs. In 2004, he was arrested for selling crack and powder cocaine — after hours — at the elementary school where he worked as a janitor.

One source told WGN despite that history, Crayton was hired by the City of Evanston to work for the park district, though the city did not confirm that Sunday.

Police did not specify the exact locations where Crayton was allegedly selling the drugs, but he was arrested on the 200 block of Dodge Ave., just one block away from the Levy Senior Center and Dawes Elementary School.

Records show Crayton lives less than a half-mile north of Evanston Township High School. Evanston police say their own undercover officers, working with the FBI, bought a total of 80 grams of heroin during the course of the investigation dating back to 2015.

Police say their undercover officers identified other people “involved in the sale and distribution of heroin in evanston.” So as this investigation remains open, one Evanston source says additional arrests and charges are expected.



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