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CHICAGO – The players in the NFL are not just going to “Stick to Sports” anymore.

Started by Colin Kaepernick a year ago as a way to raise awareness for injustices in America, every team in the league now is taking part in a demonstration during the National Anthem.

This has been the case the last two weeks after critical comments about the from President Trump about players who protested during The Star Spangled Banner.

Yet Kaepernick continues to be out of the league as teams are unwilling to bring him on a roster for the 2017 season. Is his original message with his protest in 2016 still resonating as more have joined in over the past month?

Evan F. Moore of Rolling Stone has done a number of stories on the protests and his interviewed Kaepernick on the issue this year. He appeared on Sports Feed to give his thoughts on the protest with Jarrett Payton and Andy Masur, while also discussing a bit about the Bears’ quarterback controversy.

Watch Evan’s segments on Sunday’s show by clicking on the video above or below.