Europe’s oldest woman credits being single, eating raw eggs for longevity

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VERBANIA, Italy — The oldest living person in Europe recently shared her secrets to a long life.

Emma Morano is 115 years old. She lives in Italy, and she’s the fifth-oldest person in the world.

She was married once, but that ended in 1938. She says that’s part of the reason why she’s still around.

Morano told the New York Times  being single kept her alive longer. Though she had suitors after her separation, “I didn’t want to be dominated by anyone,” she reportedly said.

She also says she eats three raw eggs every day, ever since her doctor recommended that to her as a teenager to combat anemia.

“115 years are a lot,” Morano told the Times.

And she’s right. The Times notes that her long life in Italy has spanned the country’s evolution from a monarchy to a republic, “with a 20-year foray into Fascism in the middle.” What’s more, she has lived through two world wars and years of domestic terrorism.

The Times reports Morano has a family history of long life. One of her sisters died just before turning 100, and another lived to 102.

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