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CHICAGO — It was deadly night in Chicago, but police statistics show shootings and murders are actually down in the city so far this year.

But, those numbers are cold comfort to the Henderson Elementary School community in Englewood, which lost a student to gun violence last month.

At least 100 students, parents and teachers from the school held a peace march through the streets Friday morning.

They honored 12-year-old Kanari Gentry-Bowers who was shot in the head while playing basketball on the school’s playground.

School faculty say recess has to be cancelled at least once a month because of shots fired in the area.

The police department says through Wednesday, 124 people had been killed so far this year. That’s down almost 10 percent from last year.

Overall, shootings are down 13 percent.

Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson says gun related arrests are up 47 percent this year.