Elderly Naperville couple dies within days of each other from COVID-19

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NAPERVILLE, Ill. — An elderly Naperville couple who was married for decades died within days of each other from COVID-19.

Julie Thakkar is the couple’s granddaughter and said Padma and Harilal Thakkar

Padma Thakkar was 87 when she died and Harilal Thakkar was 90. The two were married for over 70 years. Their granddaughter, Julie Thakkar said they were two souls who were united together that left together.

She said she’s not sure who got COVID-19 first, or exactly how, but she has her suspicions. Both of her grandparents had been hospitalized for unrelated COVID issues. Her grandfather had lung and heart problems and her grandmother had a couple of broken bones and had to go to a rehab facility. She thinks the virus came from either the rehab facility or the hospital.

The Thakkars lived in Naperville and Julie Thakkar said her grandparents raised her. And like other heart wrenching stories we’ve heard before during the pandemic, no family members were able to be with them in their last hours. Both died at Edward Hospital within only a couple of days of each other. Harilal Thakkar died Sunday and Padma Thakkar died Tuesday.

Julie Thakkar said she was able to thank her grandmother by way of Zoom and her grandfather was able to convey to his wife his thanks and deathbed regrets. She said her grandfather asked her grandmother for forgiveness for any mistakes he may have made.

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