Eggs thrown from truck taunt pedestrians throughout Chicagoland


CHICAGO — Chicago police are investigating after reports of people hit by eggs thrown from a passing truck.

Multiple incidents have been reported in the city and suburbs, from Evanston to Chicago Lawn. Some reports date back to 2019. They all have one connection: the eggs were thrown from a white box truck with red graffiti on the side.

Neighborhood groups have tracked truck sightings through an interactive Google map.

A recent incident was caught on security camera —  a daughter and mother, on the sidewalk, narrowly missed being hit by an egg — thrown from someone in the white truck behind them on the street.

“I would love to understand what their motivation was and what this is all about,” said Moshe Tamssot with True Chicago Founder. Tamssot, who resides in the West Loop, said he started to see reports on individual neighborhood pages online. Overall, he has seen nearly 100 sightings collected and mapped out. A vast majority of the reports stem from the north and Near West sides. 

“There are many issues at play in this very complex issue,” Tamssot said. “A lot of issues, like the egg truck, fell through the cracks.”

But not for the internet detectives, some of whom posted videos revealing the license plate number of one of the alleged trucks. Their findings led to a discount furniture store in West Englewood. Owners told WGN they were recently made aware of the egging incidents and are investigating if their trucks or delivery drivers are behind it. 

“I think folks would like to try and understand what they were trying to communicate,” Tamssot said. “It could be a form of protest, in which case one could respect the way they were going about things. Or it could have just been a prank, or it could have just been malicious. We just don’t know.”

For now, the mystery remains as an online group continues to show that community involvement can help solve the crime. 

“If we figure out an egg thrower, then many we can figure out how to reduce shootings. Maybe we can solve some other issues,” Tamssot said. “How can we work most effectively with CPD, most effectively, in the age of the internet?”

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