Dwyane Wade calls out adults when talking about gun violence in Chicago

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CHICAGO — Chicago Bulls star Dwyane Wade says he wants to help end gun violence in his hometown, but he can only do so much.

Wade’s cousin was shot and killed over the summer.

He says the men charged with her murder are also victims.

“A lot of it comes from their environment. A lot of it comes from what they know, and that’s not their fault,” said Wade.

Some are calling for more successful Chicagoans, like Wade, to invest in struggling neighborhoods.

The hope is that people involved with these communities can bring jobs and opportunities.

“I know that I will donate money to the city of Chicago to try to help certain communities,” said Wade. “I know I will do that. But as I do my job, others have to do theirs. Obviously we put responsibility on our youth, but they’re following their adults.”


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