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SANDY, Ore. (KOIN) — A Portland man was arrested Saturday night on multiple charges after letting his car roll into a deputy patrol car, according to the Clackamas County Sheriff Office.

A deputy first saw Jeffrey Cannon’s red Volkswagen Jetta rapidly approach him from behind just before 11 p.m. Saturday outside Sandy, Oregon, sheriff’s officials said.

The Jetta had a sticker on the back bumper that read: “Not drunk, avoiding potholes.”

Jeffrey Cannon’s Volkswagen Jetta. (Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office)

The deputy pulled his patrol car to the right lane to see if Cannon would pass him. Cannon did in fact speed past the deputy and was clocked at between 80 and 90 mph.

The deputy pulled over Cannon, who initially didn’t respond when the deputy called out to him. Instead, Cannon’s vehicle rolled backward about 25 feet, hitting the front of the deputy’s patrol car, officials said.

Jeffrey Cannon (Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office)

The deputy said he could smell alcohol from the car. He also noticed a can of Busch Light in the Jetta’s cupholder.

The deputy asked Cannon why he let the Jetta roll into the patrol car.

“I didn’t know that happened,” Cannon said.

Cannon later admitted to having a concealed pistol: a loaded Glock handgun. The deputy took the weapon and later noticed the gun did not have a serial number.

After a search of the vehicle, the deputy found multiple empty beer cans and a baggie of cocaine in the center console, officials said.

Cannon told the deputy he planned to party with a friend over the weekend, officials said.

Deputies later found that Cannon was already a convicted felon and was also driving on a suspended license.

Cannon later was given a field sobriety test, registering a .22% blood alcohol concentration, more than twice the legal limit. Cannon was arrested and transported to Clackamas County Jail.