COOK COUNTY, Ill. — A person is dead after a four-vehicle accident that ended in a rollover crash on I-290 early Sunday morning.

According to police, a vehicle was traveling near 290 west at Homan Avenue in lane one when it switched to lane two, side-swiping another vehicle. The vehicle in the first lane lost control and skidded across the roadway into lane 4.

A third vehicle struck the passenger side of the first vehicle and the first vehicle continued onto the right shoulder and struck the rear of a fourth vehicle that was parked on the side.

The first vehicle rolled over the top of the fourth vehicle.

The driver and two passengers in the first vehicle were transported to a hospital with injures. The drivers of the second and third vehicles refused medical attention and the fourth driver was pronounced dead on the scene.

Police are continuing investigation on the incident and there is no further information provided.