Drive-thru fight at Oswego Portillo’s caught on video; woman who shared wants ‘justice’ served


'I have to bring this light," said Mikayla Williams about posting the video

OSWEGO, Ill. — An altercation in the drive-thru of an Oswego-area Portillo’s, in which video has been widely shared, is being investigated by the police department.

The woman who shared the now-viral post spoke out to WGN, saying that she is outraged over what happened and believes the man in the video needs to be arrested.

“I was like, ‘I have to bring this to light, I can’t have it swept under the rug,'” said Mikayla Williams.

A screenshot of video widely shared on social media involving a customer and a employee at an Oswego-area Portillo’s.

According to Williams, the altercation started after an argument over a milkshake. In the video, which Williams says was recorded by her sister, workers are heard yelling and asking the customer to get off an 18-year-old employee in the drive-thru. The clip later shows the man kneeling on the employee.

Williams felt the video needed to be posted for others to see. She says she was surprised by how many people shared the video online but hopes it brings about justice for all involved.

“Nowhere did I expect it to be this big,” she said. “I’m very surprised about it, actually. I’m thankful because I want the boy and his family to have justice for what happened. It’s absolutely not OK, no matter what was going on.”

On Sunday, Oswego police officers responded to the Portillo’s restaurant just before noon. The employee was evaluated by paramedics and later taken to the hospital. Police said that they did not speak with the employee before he was transported. The customer, a 48-year-old man, was questioned, according to police. No charges have been filed.

Police say they were aware that video of the incident circulated on social media.

A representative from Portillo’s said in a statement, “We’re deeply disturbed by the event that happened at our restaurant. We’re working with the police as part of this ongoing investigation.”

Oswego Police ask anyone who witnessed the incident or who may have information to call (630) 551-7300.


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