Dolton police release body cam footage from officer-involved shooting of 19-year-old


DOLTON, Ill. — Dolton police released body cam footage Friday after a 19-year-old was shot Saturday night by officers.

Just before 9:30 Halloween night, Dolton police responded to a call of a suspect with a gun. Body cam footage shows 19-year-old Catteris Doty running toward a BP gas station.

He then turns down a residential street as police follow him. Footage shows Doty first taking out a cell phone. Then, in his other hand, footage clearly shows Doty holding a gun as officers repeatedly tell him to drop the weapon.

“Drop the gun, drop the gun,” police said in the footage.

They repeat the command more than 20 times before Doty raises his gun, prompting two officers to fire at him. Footage shows him dropping to the ground with the gun still in his hand.

Officers fire more shots until he drops it.

“As you can see, the defendant clearly had a gun,” said Riley Rogers. “Our officers exhibited a great amount of restraint in trying to not fire their weapons.”

Some witnesses had initially claimed Doty did not have a weapon on him. Activists said after viewing the body cam footage, what happened is crystal clear.

“It’s clear as day he had a weapon,” said activist Stringer Harris said. “It was held up and the police took actions to eliminate that threat.”

Catteris Doty had two surgeries and is now in stable condition at Christ Hospital. Illinois State Police are investigating.

Doty’s mother, Patrice Eason-Watson, said her son suffers from depression and bi-polar disorder.

“We want to thank police for transparency yes what I stood by my son with, I made a bad call,” Eason-Watson said. “But I’m still standing behind him he’s fighting for his life.”

The two officers who fired at him were put on desk duty. They will have to go through counseling before being cleared to return to patrol.


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