Dog found blind and barely alive gets his eyesight back, and a new home

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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – Found with almost no hair, skin infections, and blind, Marco the pitbull now has a new view of life and a brand new home.

Marco was found in dire condition back in 2013 and taken in by the Go Rescue Pet Adoption Center in Virginia Beach, according to local network WKTR. As he began his long struggle to recover, word began to spread, and people from across the country offered their support.

Thanks to donations and supporters Shana and Jamie Haines, the shelter was able to raise the last $3,000 needed to pay for for a surgery to repair Marco’s eyes. Then in November of 2015, he got his eyesight back.

But he still needed a new home. He got just that when Ashley and Sarah McGinley, who donated to the eyesight fund, decided to take him in last week.

“We’re really looking forward to it and we want to be his forever home,” Ashley told WKTR. “I’m really looking forward to years and years and years.”


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