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CHICAGO – An outbreak of canine flu has been confirmed in a pet store in Chicago’s South Loop.

In a statement, PetSmart confirms multiple cases of the respiratory illness in dogs at its South Loop pets hotel and one confirmed case of canine flu.

“We have seen multiple cases of canine respiratory illness in dogs in our South Loop PetsHotel location. At this point, we have one confirmed case of Canine Influenza.  The health and well-being of pets is our top priority, and we are going to do everything we can to help contain the spread of this virus and ensure the pets in our PetsHotels receive the best care possible.”

Staff at the store has been busy calling dog owners, clearing the doggie daycare out and scrubbing everything down.  It is a process that’ll take three days.

Many dog owners are commending the actions that PetSmart has taken since discovering the outbreak.

Petsmart says the dogs with symptoms are getting regular checkups from a vet. Concerned dog owners will want to keep an eye out for any coughing, a drop in energy or a low fever.