Dixmoor village employees may not get paid Friday


DIXMOOR, Ill. — Village employees in suburban Dixmoor are stunned to learn they may not get their paychecks on Friday despite working all their shifts.

The news came in a letter from Mayor Yvonne Davis who blames a disagreement with village trustees for holding up the payroll.

The allegations are flying back and forth and Dixmoor’s employees are caught in the middle.

“People are going through COVID they have all other kind of issues no employee no employee should be working and not be able to receive a paycheck,” Dixmoor Police Chief Ron Burge said.

Davis sent a letter with the news on Wednesday and blames village trustees who refused to confirm her appointment for the new treasurer.

“As far as I’m concerned their goal is to see me fail,” she said. “Thinking they’re embarrassing me but they’re embarrassing themselves.”

Trustee Fitzgerald Roberts, who is running for mayor, said the board has not received enough information about how much the mayor’s pick will be paid. He said Davis should resign.

Earlier this year, it was revealed that the mayor was overpaid more than $60,000 over two years. She said it was a payroll glitch and she’s paying the money back.

“It’s something with the finances going on here in the village of Dixmoor,” Roberts said.

Now, about 30 people including office workers, public works employees, police officers and even the elected officials aren’t sure when they’ll get a paycheck.

“It’s messy and political and it’s unfortunate employees are suffering but I feel bad about, that but I can’t do payroll,” the mayor said.

Dwayne Tyson, a trustee, said it hurts to see people working that can’t get a paycheck. He said it doesn’t add up.

There was a virtual board meeting scheduled for Thursday evening. Roberts said the board did not have enough information about how much the mayor’s pick for treasurer would be paid. And even though were still questions about the contract during the meeting, the appointment was confirmed in an effort to get workers paid as quickly as possible.

The mayor said if the board confirmed the new treasurer, paychecks may be processed as early as Tuesday. Trustees WGN spoke with said they’re still looking into whether there is anything they can do to get paychecks cut Friday.


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