Dixmoor residents reach boiling point as water woes enter fifth day


DIXMOOR, Ill. — Residents of south suburban Dixmoor are without running water for the fifth day in a row.

According to village officials, residents have been left without a water supply since Saturday, Oct. 16, after water pressure fell to half its normal levels. However, Dixmoor president Fitzgerald Roberts conceded that the water pressure issue might be too much for the village and other south suburban areas to handle.

“I’m praying that we can get help from the federal government, state level, county level,” Roberts said.

Residents still pointed the finger at town officials, however.

“These pipes in the ground are over 100 years old,” Roberts said. “As long as you have old infrastructure, there’s always going to be issues.”

Dixmoor resident Malissa Keith told WGN she has reached a boiling point, calling the ongoing water issues within the village “ridiculous.”

“They’re doing what they can, but a case of water doesn’t cut it,” Keith said about the free bottles of water issued to residents.

Keith, who cares for her elderly father, hasn’t been able to send her 6-year-old to school ever since the water pressure dropped to a trickle last Saturday. It’s the latest in a long string of water issues that have emotionally drained locals. In the interim, Roberts plans to work with nearby Harvey to restore water pressure. But a timeline is not yet clear.

“They need to get somebody who knows what they’re doing. Fix it and be done with it,” one resident said.

Cook County Commissioner Deborah Sims told WGN that the water pressure concern is more extensive than Dixmoor. However, countless other south suburbs residence face similar problems, she added. In response, Sims hopes to tap into federal funds so Dixmoor and the south suburbs can repair their century-old infrastructure.

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