Dixmoor police chief pulls officers from patrol amid political dispute

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DIXMOOR, Ill. – For the residents of Dixmoor, things are going from bad to worse.

Beginning Thursday, Police Chief Ronald Burge tells WGN he is ordering his officers to no longer go out on patrol due to the village’s inability to provide basic supplies. 

Burge is asking the Cook County Sherriff’s Department to take over policing duties. The Sheriff’s Department has been patrolling overnights and weekends since July. A department spokesman told WGN the request for additional patrols is now under review.

“I’m really sick of it,” said resident Cheryl Hryn. “Maybe I’m wrong but it can’t be that hard to run a small town.”

The decision is the result of a political feud that many feel is affecting public safety. Burge and the mayor who appointed him, Yvonne Davis, are in a longstanding dispute with a faction of trustees, including Fitzgerald Roberts, who is running for mayor.

Each side accuses the other of being a combination of corrupt and inept. 

Roberts issued a statement that read, in part, “We have appropriated funds for our police department and levied sufficient taxes to fund the department. Furthermore, the elected officials have invited Burge on numerous occasions to come in and discuss any additional funding needs, but he has never appeared.”

Earlier this month, WGN Investigates reported ongoing water woes for residents who often lack water pressure, causing problems with showers, bathrooms and dishes. The source of the problem is an underground leak that has yet to be pinpointed.

Now, locals must deal with the fact that police will no longer serve and protect on patrol. It’s a job now left to Sheriff Tom Dart. 

“In all honesty the county stepping in is probably for the better,” Hryn said.

Hryn, who has managed a mobile home community for 14 years, doesn’t get why residents are being caught in the middle of the town’s political infighting.

“I think it’s horrible,” she said. “They can’t get their act together to provide full time service for these residents.))


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