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Texting and driving can cost more than just a ticket, it can cost you your life.  That’s the message Illinois Department of Transportation is sending for Distracted Driving Awareness Month — and every month.

Throughout the month of April, IDOT, Illinois State Police and more than 200 local law enforcement agencies across the state will be out cracking down on distracted driving.

Highland Park Police invited WGN News as they were out stopping drivers who were driving dangerously distracted.

Officers will dedicate 80 hours throughout the month of April to educate people on the dangers.

It’s the cause of thousands of crashes throughout the country every year and is often under-reported.

Illinois law prohibits the use of handheld cellphones while driving. For anyone under the age of 19, that includes hands-free devices.

The fine for a first offense is a $75 ticket and the second offense doubles.

Officer Andrew Cumba of the Highland Park Police said if someone crashes while driving distracted and it results in someone dying, that’s a felony.