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CHICAGO — Chicago could have single-digit highs again this weekend causing a lot of problems for some homeowners and tenants.

It’s hard to imagine braving this weather without adequate heat, but that’s the situation for Velma Bowman. A city inspector found the temperature inside Bowman’s apartment hovering around 60 degrees, Wednesday.

Bowman has a CHA housing voucher to rent the unit in a building at 46th and Lake Park. She says she has been trying to get the building’s owner, Wolcott Real Property, to address the heating issue in her unit since November.

Under the city’s heat ordinance, during winter, landlords must heat rental units to at least 68 degrees during the day, or 66 degrees overnight.

Mimi Simon, a spokesperson for Chicago’s Department of Buildings says they issued a notice of violation to the building’s owner, who will have to appear in court. No other heat complaints were reported in the building.

The extreme cold is also causing plumbing problems for homeowners. Jimmy Acevedo works for Four Seasons Heating and Cooling. WGN caught up with him in Pilsen at a home where he was working to thaw out frozen pipes that left the residents unable to take showers or flush the toilet. Left untreated, the pipes could burst and create flooding problems.

Acevedo says proper insulation is key to protecting pipes. He encourages homeowners to check frequently to make sure their water is flowing well.

Wolcott Real Properties did not respond to our request for comment.