Despite new law, camera not yet helping with expressway shootings investigations

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Illinois State Police investigated two separate shootings near area expressways Wednesday.

A new law, the Tamara Clayton Camera Act, went into effect January 1 and was supposed to help with highway shooting investigations. The law allows cameras along Cook County expressways and tollways to record video if there’s a shooting. But the representative’s office who helped pass the bill said those cameras still aren’t recording.

 Tamara Clayton was the postal worker killed while driving in her car on I-57 last year. The shooter still has not been caught.

Starting January 1, the law required state agencies to increase the number of cameras on expressways.

The state has around 600 cameras that live stream video of traffic conditions but they don’t record footage.

The new law allows recording and the “images from the cameras may be used by law enforcement to investigate any offense involving the use of a firearm.”

Even though the law went into effect, those cameras aren’t capturing images and shootings are still happening on local roadways.

 IDOT said state police will have complete access to their live camera feeds sometime early this year. They are all still working together to get the necessary infrastructure in place to capture and store images for investigations.

An exact timeline or date is not known.

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