Residents near Des Plaines River coping with flooding – again

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LINCOLNSHIRE, Ill. —  Saturday was a fairly dry day around the Chicago area but water levels were still a major concern about flooding in areas along the Des Plaines River.

For Lincolnshire residents like Erick Gatt, the flooding is nothing new.

There’s a lot of veterans who have been here for many years and they’re used to it,” he said. “And they may know to move their cars away from the street in case the street does flood and they need to get away. Or they have other equipment to help them if they need it.”

Still flash flooding Friday forced road closures in many northern suburbs.

The Marriot Lincolnshire, which backs up to the Des Plaines River proactively evacuated the resort because of rising river levels.

The National Weather Service expects the river to crest at 16 feet, almost four feet above flood level.

Even with the sun shining Saturday, some businesses in the area took precautions putting out sandbags for the eventual rise.

The Village of Lincolnshire offered sandbags for residents.

Pumps worked to keep water levels down in residential areas.

Homeowners like Gatt are hopeful it’s enough to keep homes dry until the water level recedes. But he’s got a plan in place in case it gets bad.

We mainly just made sure we had a place to park our cars up further up the street uphill,” he said. “I also have a kayak in case the water level does get high and we have to move stuff back and forth to the house.”

The river in Lincolnshire is expected to crest Sunday morning. But the village says they are under a flood warning until Tuesday.


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