Deputies buy young boy new shoes after bullies stole them

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HAMILTON COUNTY, Ohio — A pair of Ohio deputies recently helped out a young boy who had been the victim of bullying.

According to a Facebook post by the Hamilton County’s Sheriff’s Office, the two men came across the “youngster,” whom they did not name, after the boy had had his shoes stolen from him by “a few bullies.”

The child had reportedly been forced to wear his grandmother’s shoes, which caused others at school to tease him, deputies said. The boy even skipped out one day to avoid ridicule.

According to the post:

They [the deputies] took up a collection within the district and drove the boy to Foot Locker where he was told to pick out any pair of gym shoes he wanted. You can see he’s elated and hugging our Deputy.

Their post garnered more than 5,000 likes and 2,000 shares within a couple of days. Many commenters showed their support as well, praising the deputies for their nice deed.

“In a time when nationally some want to bash police and portray us all in a negative light, I hope people realize THIS is the face of law enforcement!” Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Neil said in a statement.


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