Dentist’s license suspended after teen dies during wisdom tooth removal

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EDINA, Mn. — Months after a teenager died following the removal of her wisdom teeth, the dental board of Minnesota has temporarily suspended the dentist’s license as of Monday.

“This is all new to us,” said the teenage victim’s father Steve Galleger, who was surprised the dentist had been suspended nearly a year after his daughter’s death.

Dr. Paul Tompach, of Edina Oral and Maxillofacial,  was cited by the Minnesota Board of Dentistry for “imminent risk of harm” for failing to appropriately manage a medical emergency.

His patient 17-year-old Sydney Galleger went into his office June 9 of last year to have four wisdom teeth removed and started convulsing during the procedure.

Tompach was also cited for having a dental assistant on-site that never completed the state’s necessary requirements to be able to give patients anesthesia.

Galleger, who would have been a senior in high school now, was later taken to the hospital after her body went into cardiac arrest and she was pronounced dead June 15.

Her mother, Diane Galleger, says Tompach did try to resuscitate her daughter with CPR and called 911. The Hennepin County medical examiner’s office later ruled the cause of death as the lack of oxygen going to her brain.

Tompach was formerly involved in a malpractice lawsuit in 1999. The dental board is expected to vote Thursday on a “final stipulation order” to decide the future of Tompach’s practice.







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