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CHICAGO — Gun crimes, leniency for non-violent offenders and the Jussie Smollett were just some of the topics covered as the Democratic candidates for Cook County State’s Attorney at WGN Friday.

There are three democrats trying to unseat Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx with the most public case of her administration front and center.

Incumbent Foxx has a battle on her hands to keep her seat. Her opponents, former prosecutor Bill Conway, former Ald. Bob Fioretti and former prosecutor Donna More, say Foxx can’t be trusted after her handling of the Smollett case.

The actor was charged with faking his own hate attack. Foxx dropped charges but Smollett was eventually indicted after a special prosecutor was appointed. The union for Chicago police members has repeatedly criticized her for letting him walk without admitting guilt.

Getting gun offenders off the street is another important topic. Chicago police officials have said that giving I Bonds to people with illegal guns contributes to the violent crime rate.

The candidates also discussed rebuilding trust with Chicago police, particularly the Fraternal Order of Police.

The FOP has endorsed Fioretti. The Chicago Sun-Times endorsed Foxx and the Chicago Tribune backed More.