Jailhouse informant ends testimony in Peterson trial

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CHESTER, Ill. –The prosecutions key witness who secretly recorded Drew Peterson is off the stand after four days of testimony.

Antonio Smith said he was hoping for a better life by helping federal authorities in convicting Peterson in the alleged murder for hire plot of Will County States Attorney James Glasgow.

Smith wanted his time cut and money for his assistance, but he admits nothing was ever promised.

Smith testified that in the fall of 2014 Peterson told him he killed Stacy Peterson.  During that testimony, Peterson  firmly shook his head no.

But twice on the recordings Peterson tells Smith Stacy “ran off.”  When asked what he thought about that Smith said he was “insulted.”

Prosecutors are expected to rest their case today in the murder-for-hire trial of Drew Peterson.

On Wednesday, jurors heard the last of Peterson’s recorded prison conversations, in which he repeatedly referred to an alleged plot to kill Will County Prosecutor James Glasgow.

But he was never heard explicitly asking a fellow inmate Antonio Smith to arrange the murder.

Smith is being questioned today by defense attorneys who are accusing him of being a chronic liar.

Glasgow successfully prosecuted Peterson in 2012 for the murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio.

Peterson is serving 38 years for Savio’s murder.

His fourth wife, Stacy Peterson, has been missing since 2007.

Peterson remains a suspect in her disappearance, but has never been charged and claims she left him for another man.


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