KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and pop star Taylor Swift were spotted together at Arrowhead Stadium following Sunday’s game.

In a video captured by WGN TV’s Jarrett Payton, Kelce and Swift could be seen walking side by side after the Chief’s blowout win against the Chicago Bears. The video has gone viral and as of Monday morning, has over 15.8 million views.

In his Twitter post, Payton said “Talk about being at the right place at the right time! Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce leaving Arrowhead together after the game.”

Payton joined WGN Morning News Monday to share the story behind his now viral video. The sports anchor said he was making his way out of the stadium and luck was on his side.

“As I started walking, the head security guard for the Chiefs stopped me and goes ‘where are you going?’ and I said ‘on my way to my car, can I go this way?’ and he said, ‘stay right here.'”

“I just grabbed my phone and was like, ‘I know she’s coming. I know her and Kelce are coming around the corner.’ And next thing you know, I got it,” Payton said.

He said the security guard asked him to delete the video — but as we know, that did not happen.

“Everyone around me said, ‘Did you delete it?’ and I said, ‘Heck no!’” Payton told WGN Morning News.

Swift was seen during the game sitting next to Kelce’s mother in a box suite, cheering on the Chiefs.

The news comes amid rumors that the two have been dating, according to multiple news outlets.