HIGHLAND PARK, Ill. — Celebrations are underway as Chicago rock band Smashing Pumpkins commemorates the 30th anniversary of its breakout album “Siamese Dream.”

The group hosted a pop-up shop and special acoustic concerts in Highland Park on Sunday at Madame Zuzu’s, a tea shop owned by lead singer Billy Corgan.

The event featured band Merchandise and vinyl records as well as two acoustic concerts meant to recreate the 1993 release party of “Siamese Dream” at Tower Records, near North Clark Street and West Belden Avenue, which was attended by around 3000 people.

Around 150 people gathered for Sunday’s intimate shows which took place at 6 and 9 p.m.

While speaking to WGN’s Dean Richards about the celebrations, Singer Billy Corgan revealed the news that he and his longtime girlfriend Chloe Mendel got married on Saturday.

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