Mystery girl behind 41-year-old ‘Bozo’ postcard found

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CHICAGO — WGN-TV’s Bozo show went off the air in 2001, but this week the station received a card for “Bozo’s Circus” postmarked August 20, 1977 — and we found the girl who sent it!

It was sent by Sonali Dighe when she was a 7-year-old girl living with her family in Waukegan. She sent the card in to be an at-home player for the show’s “Grand Prize Game.”

WGN’s Dean Richards put the postcard on Facebook, and Richards and Dighe were eventually able to connect.

“I couldn’t believe how many people were trying to find me. In the afternoon, I checked my Facebook and I must’ve had 50 messages. I’ve never had so much activity in my life!” Dighe said via Skype with WGN Morning News Thursday.

Postcard sent to WGN-TV by Sonali Dighe in 1977.

Dighe said she doesn’t remember sending the card but does have fond memories of “Bozo’s Circus.”

“I remember getting very stressed when those kids would try to drop those ping pong balls into those buckets. It was kind of a nail-biting situation!” she said of the Grand Prize Game.

Dighe and her family now live in Miami but she said this experience was a fun way to reconnect with Chicago.

“We have tremendous roots there and so many friends there, so it’s been a great 48 hours,” Dighe said.

WGN offered Dighe a chance to play the Grand Prize Game whenever she’s back in Chicago.

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