Kevin Bacon and brother Michael talk new album, perform LIVE on WGN

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CHICAGO— The Bacon Brother’s have been serenading for almost 20-years and counting and no — it’s not just to the sounds of Footloose.

The notable brothers Kevin and Michael Bacon released their new studio album, Americana 36 Cents, a blend of folk, rock, soul and country with crooning that will make you swoon.

The collaboration between the two brothers started to evolve when a friend of Kevin’s asked the brothers if they would play at a bar in Philadelphia, formally dubbing them with the name “Bacon Brothers”. It was supposed to be a one-time gig, which quickly turned into multiple bookings, ultimately leading to a record deal. Both brothers write and play guitar.

Kevin says his music career started around the same time he started acting and says he enjoys both equally, with one of his first songs being written for Michael Jackson [written at age 12 but never quite making its way to the King of Pop].

Kevin and his brother aren’t the only musically gifted of the six Bacon children: their sister Hilda also plays guitar and sings. In addition, Kevin Bacon’s son is a heavy-metal musician.

Michael is known as a composer for film and TV, who in addition teaches film at two New York city colleges is currently working on a cello concerto.

Kevin commented that though he loves Footloose [and on select occasions, will play the hit tunes per request] he despises going to weddings that feature the song because it takes the focus off the couple and onto the iconic actor.

Kevin also addresses the growing claims regarding his desire to play Freddy Krueger. Kevin said the idea ‘took off’ after he responded to a tweet.

You can catch Bacon Brothers at the Metropolis Performing Arts Center August 17 and 18 in Arlington Heights.

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