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CHICAGO — Actor Jeff Garlin is departing his role on the hit sitcom “The Goldbergs” following multiple misconduct allegations and an HR investigation regarding his behavior on the set.  

Garlin has starred as Murray Goldberg since the series premiered in 2013, but now, a mutual decision between the actor and Sony Pictures Television was reached. The decision was announced Wednesday night that he would be leaving the show immediately.

His departure follows multiple complaints from crew members who say Garlin was “extremely verbally and emotionally abusive on set.”

In a Vanity Fair article earlier this month, the Chicago-born comedian dismissed the accusations, saying he was just being silly as part of his schtick as a comedian. However, despite meetings with HR, nothing reportedly changed.

Garlin reportedly had one more day of shooting left on the current season.

With the death of actor George Segal, another primary character on the show, and now Garlin’s departure, it’s unclear, how or if, “The Goldbergs” would return for a tenth season.

The show is one of ABC’s highest rated comedies and is also shown in reruns on WGN.

It is unknown if this will affect Garlin’s role as an actor or executive producer on “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”