Janelle Monáe on ‘A Beautiful Future’ project and making memories at Lollapalooza

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CHICAGO— Actress and musician Janelle Monáe is in town for Lollapalooza this weekend and talked about how she wants to help women to succeed through her initiative “A Beautiful Future.”

Monáe said that some women are given great opportunities, but they don’t always have the platform to succeed in fields like film, music and technology. She said the project with Belvedere Vodka creates a conversation in the community around self-expression and celebrating diversity.

Monáe said she understood what community was all about at a young age. She has 50 first cousins and said her grandmother was an amazing matriarch to them.

She said because of her grandmother’s influence, Monáe doesn’t feel whole unless she’s giving back to her community. The singer felt that it is her purpose to create socially conscious and radical music, and loves doing it.

Monáe said a friend once told her, “How you use your light is your legacy.” She said this made her think about how she wanted to use her fame to shine her light on others, not just herself.

The artist talked about how honored she was to be in Chicago and play at Lollapalooza. She said she hoped people will get an experience and make memories they will never forget.

Monáe is known for her fashion choices, but said she isn’t spilling any secrets about what she’ll be wearing for her Lollapalooza performance.

Monáe will be playing at 6:45 p.m. on Friday at the festival.


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