CHICAGO — The last of Chicago’s music festivals for 2023 is about to get underway, continuing its yearly stop on the west side.

“Riot Fest” is back on Friday through Sunday with a strong lineup to entertain the fans who’ll make their way to Douglass Park, including the Foo Fighters, The Cure, and Death Cab for Cutie.

That’s one of the many things going on over the next few days and was featured in “Dean’s Weekender” on Friday’s WGN Morning News.

Dean Richards also took a look at 50 Cent, Fantasia, the return of “Hamilton,” “Ring of Fire,” “This is Important: Live,” “Picasso: 50 Years Later,” and more events happening in the Chicago area.

At the same time, Dean also had a movie review of “A Haunting in Venice.”

You can watch the entire “Weekender” from the September 15 show in the video above.

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