CHICAGO – It’s one of the more interesting movies to be released so far in 2023 simply because of the subject matter.

It’s not often that a full-length feature film is released on a wild animal’s rampage while on a strong narcotic.

That’s why many are curious to see what “Cocaine Bear” has to offer when it’s released in theatres on Friday across the country. Naturally, Dean Richards is one of those who wanted the chance to take a look at this very unique film.

He featured it during his “Dean’s Reviews” on Friday on WGN Morning News as he gave his thoughts on the film that’s directed and co-produced by Elizabeth Banks. Dean also took a look at Kelsey Grammer’s new film “Jesus Revolution” which is also set to hit theatres on Friday.

You can see “Dean’s Reviews” from the February 24 morning news in the video above.

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