CHICAGO – By the end of 2023, his time as a late-night talk show host will be coming to an end.

That’s when James Corden will be stepping away from “The Late Late Show” on CBS, a role that he’s had since 2015. But that doesn’t mean he won’t be busy with other projects in show business, and that includes a new series on Prime Video.

“Mammals” is already available for streaming and features Corden as Jamie, a Michelin star chef who discovers secrets about his pregnant wife, Amandine (Melia Kreilling), which causes a few changes to his life.

Dean Richards spoke to Corden about this new project on “Dean’s A-List Interviews” on WGN Morning News on Tuesday. He discussed the show along with the upcoming end of his run on “The Late Late Show.”

You can watch that segment from January 3 show in the video above.

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